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My name is Cory McIntyre. I am the owner of McIntyre Handyman Company. When you call, send an email, or text me I am the person who will answer the phone or read your email. I am involved with your job from start to finish. I am also the one who will be at your door to do the work.



It is my goal to be a quality company that is governed by integrity and excellent workmanship. I know you want someone you can trust, a company that treats you like you would like to be treated. I don't like surprises any more than you do!




The Coachella Valley has been my home for over thirty-six years. I have been involved in customer service, general handyman work, earthquake preparedness, and life safety for more than thirty-six years. I have a vested interest in this valley and the people who live here.



I am often asked "What does a handyman do?" The best answer is this: a handyman does what you would do if you had the time and resources. This includes a wide array of minor repairs and maintenance. It's often easier to tell you what I don't do. I can tell you this: If I cannot do the job well I won't take it. I will not practice at your house or business!


I have been serving commercial and residential handyman needs in the Coachella Valley and surrounding area for over five years. Find out why so many people call McIntyre Handyman Services when they need work done.


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