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I am proud to provide the following services for you. Because there is such a wide variation of home and business needs the list below is not a complete of the services I offer. If you have a need that is not listed here please contact me regarding your repair and maintenance needs.



Listed Below are Some of the Services I Offer






Vacation watch is a program that is designed to help you take care of your home or business when you can't. If you are away from your home or business for a short time or an extended period of time you need a reliable person check your property and make sure everything is OK. If you live in a gated community you most likely have landscapers taking care of the front - but what about the back or inside?

I will check your property as often as you want. Together we will make a list of what you want checked and how often you want it checked.

 Here are just a few of the things that are important to have checked on a routine basis:

Each time a "vacation watch" check is completed I will contact you to let you know that everything is OK. If there is a problem you will be promptly notified so corrective action can be taken. Contacts can be done using email, text messaging, or phone calls. Photos can also be included. . It's up to you.



Your home should be the safest place there is. After all, this is where you relax, sleep, and escape the harsh reality of daily life. Don't forget your business. Next to your home you probably spend much of your time at work.

Is your home or business prepared for an earthquake? Is it as safe as it could be? Sadly, if you're like most of us the answer is "no". Don't become a statistic. Let me inspect your home for earthquake, fire, and safety preparedness. Make your home, office, or car a safe haven and get ready to feel the confidence that comes from knowing you have done all you can reasonably do to keep your loved ones safe!



McIntyre Handyman Services does Board ups, Haul Aways, and Trash Outs.

In the real estate or rental market property, trash outs, and lock changes are words that are heard all too often!

If you are a property manager or landlord what will you do if your tenant vacates and leaves your property a mess? Would you spend your valuable time looking for someone to clean up and repair?

Call me and let me take care of the problem. I do property inspections, trash outs, board ups and re-secures.


McIntyre Handyman Services is:

Let me take care of the problem for you. I can take the pressure off your next clean-up or haul away and let you concentrate on doing what you do best!


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